Academic Titles

The cover of my first monograph Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England

I have published a number of academic works from my research. My first monograph (pictured) was published by Palgrave in 2013. A list of my scholarly contributions is below:

Peer Reviewed Scholarly Monograph

Read, S. 2013. Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Peer Reviewed Scholarly Editions

Adcock, R., S. Read, and A. Ziomek, eds. 2014. Flesh and Spirit: An Anthology of Seventeenth-century Women’s Writing. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters in Scholarly Works

  1. Read, S. 2022, forthcoming.The Materials of Midwifery in Five Groups of Objects in Maternal Materialities.” In Maternal Materialities, edited by Costanza Gislon Dopfel. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.
  2. Read, S. 2021. “The Gossips’ Choice: Extending the Possibilities for Biofiction with Creative Uses of Sources.” In Authorizing Early Modern European Women: From Biography to Biofiction, edited by J. Fitzmaurice, N. J. Miller, & S. J. Steen. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  3. Read. S. 2018. “‘The Wine much better then the Bush’: Thomas Lodge’s Address to the Reader in The Countesse of Lincolnes Nurserie.” In Exploring the Lives of Women, 1558-1837, edited by Louise Duckling and others, 11-23. Barnsley: Pen and Sword.
  4. Bakewell, L. and S. Read. 2018. “‘To Make Fools Laugh, and Women Blush, and Wise Men Asham’d’: Humour in the English Restoration.” In Humour in the Arts: New Perspectives, edited by Vivienne Westbrook and Shun-liang Chao, 113-27. London: Routledge.
  5. Read, S. 2017. “‘Pregnant Women Gaze at the Precious Thing their Souls are Set on’: Perceptions of the Pregnant Body in Early Modern Literature.” In Perceptions of Pregnancy from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century, ed. by Jennifer Evans and Ciara Meehan, 133-60. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  6. Read, S. 2016. Twenty contributions to A Biographical Encyclopaedia of Early Modern Englishwomen: Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts, 1500-1650, edited by Carole Levin, Anna Riehl Bertolet, and Jo Eldridge Carney. London: Routledge.
  7. Read, S. 2015. “Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-1673).” In The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of British Literature: 1660-1789. Oxford: Blackwell.
  8. Read, S. 2015. “Elizabeth Tollet (1694-1754).” In The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of British Literature: 1660-1789. Oxford: Blackwell.
  9. Read, S. 2014.  “Elizabeth Clinton, countess of Lincoln.” In Mary Hays, Female Biography; or, Memoirs of Illustrious and Celebrated Women, of All Ages and Countries (1803), Chawton House Library Series: Women’s Memoirs, ed. by Gina Luria Walker, Memoirs of Women Writers Part III, vol. X. London: Pickering & Chatto.
  10. Read, S. 2012. “‘Only Kept up by the Credulous and Ignorant’: Eighteenth-Century Responses to the “Poisonous” Nature of Menstrual Blood.” In Great Expectations: Futurity in the Long Eighteenth Century, edited by Mascha Hansen and Jürgen Klein, 205-22. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

Peer Reviewed Articles in Academic Journals

  1. Gill, C. and S. Read. 2020. “Teaching Early Modern Women’s Writing in the Era of COVID-19.” The Sixteenth Century Journal.
  2. Read, S. 2020. “‘Not knowing the Disease you’ll miss the Cure’: Considering Prose Fiction Published in Aphra Behn’s Name in a Medical Context.” Women’s Writing. 27 (3): 361-76.
  3. Read, S. 2019. “Whipp [née Worsup], Elizabeth,” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
  4. Evans. J. and S. Read. 2019. “‘Blood made white’: The Relationship beween Blood and Breastmilk in Early Modern England.” Hektoen International: A Journal for Medical Humanities. 12 (2).
  5. Read, S. 2017. “Lady Elizabeth Delaval (1648-1717): Toothworms and Intertextuality.” Notes and Queries. 64 (3): 458-64.
  6. Read, S. 2018. “‘Gushing Out Blood’: Defloration and Menstruation in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.” Journal of Med Humanities. 39: 165-77.
  7. Read, S.  2016. “‘My Medicine and Methods’: Mary Trye, Chemical Physician.” Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 11: 137-48.
  8. Read, S. 2016. “‘Thanksgiving after Twice Miscarrying’: Divine Will, Women, and Miscarriage in Early Modern England.” Women’s History: The Journal of the Women’s History Network, 2 (5): 11-15.
  9. Evans, J. and S. Read. S. 2015. “‘Before Midnight she had Miscarried’: Men, Women and Miscarriage in Early Modern England.” Journal for Family History. 40 (1): 3-23.  
  10. Read, S. 2013. “‘An Expected Gift’: Literary Resumption of Marital Intimacy from Donne to Updike.” Notes and Queries. 60 (2): 299-302.
  11. Read, S. 2012. “When Menopause is not Climacteric.” Notes and Queries. 59 (2): 224-26.
  12. Read, S. 2008. “‘Thy Righteousness is but a Menstrual Clout’: Sanitary Protection and Prejudice in Early-Modern England.” Early Modern Woman: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 3: 1-26.

Popular Booked Authored

  1. Evans, J. and S. Read. 2017. Maladies and Medicines: Exploring Health and Healing, 1540-1740. Barnsley: Pen and Sword.
  2. Read, S. 2015. Maids, Wives, Widows: Exploring Early Modern Women’s Lives, 1540-1740. Barnsley: Pen and Sword.