I am always happy to receive contacts from journalists and media organisations. I have been interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Five Live, and many BBC local radio stations (including a regular slot reviewing the papers on Llewela Bailey’s Sunday Breakfast show on BBCWM).

I write articles for newspapers such as the iNews, The Yorkshire Post, the Independent and The Conversation. A list of titles and topics is given at the bottom of the page.

Since 2012, I have written features for history magazines such as the periodicals Discover Your Ancestors, Who Do You Think You Are?, History Today, Your Family History and others.

I have appeared in a number of short films. Some examples are below.

An Analysis of Paradise Lost by John Milton: Book 9 for A-level Students
A Summary of Paradise Lost by John Milton: Book 10 for A-level Students
When Fake News Cancelled Christmas

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