The Novels

My debut novel The Gossips’ Choice was published in spring 2020 and its sequel The Midwife’s Truth will be released in spring 2022.

The Gossips’ Choice

Respected midwife Lucie Smith is married to Jasper, the town apothecary. They’ve lived happily together at the shop with the sign of the three doves for almost three decades. But 1665 is proving a troublesome year. Lucie is called to a birth at the local Manor, and Jasper is uneasy at her involvement with their former opponents in the English Civil War.  Their only surviving son Simon flees plague-ridden London for his country hometown, only to argue with his father. Lucie is shaken to learn their loyal maid has been keeping a secret, and knows when Jasper finds out he will be furious. How could she have missed the signs?

As the year draws to a close, Lucie is accused of serious negligence in her care of one of her mothers which could see her not only lose her licence but face excommunication.


The Gossips’ Choice is a “… beautifully crafted novel, giving dramatic insight into the life  and work of a midwife.”  Terri Coates, Clinical Editor, BBC’s Call the Midwife.

“Pregnant with period detail, The Gossips’ Choice takes us deep  into the bowels of seventeenth century midwifery, delivering a powerful story with flashes of dark humour.“ Pete Langman author of  Killing Beauties.

“Impeccably researched and compelling book. If you’re a fan of ‘Call the Midwife’, then this is a must-read. Travel back to the year 1665 with the local midwife, Lucie where you’ll learn out about the trials and tribulations experienced by a community midwife of the time.”

– Sarah Murden, All Things Georgian

“The novel is well written and researched, well paced, with memorable characters in Martha, Simon, Jasper, and especially Lucie. What a joy it is.  Congratulations on having transformed your research into such a good novel — and one relevant today on so many counts.”
 Professor Sara Jayne Steen, University of Plymouth, NH, USA. 

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